“Volunteers aren’t paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” Anonymous

Would you join our volunteer team and BE AN N – ABLER! As an N – ABLER, you will support our vision to supply each consumer with the means, knowledge, or opportunity to thrive.

We need your help to:

N – struct 
N – volve
N – gage
and NOT 2 – N – stitutionalize!

People with a heart for volunteerism come from many various walks of life. However, they have the same attitude to service and people – “it only takes one minute to change or enhance the life of another”.
At Thomas & Lewin we believe all persons with disabilities should be supported by a comprehensive
and cost-effective service delivery system that promotes and enhances individual well-being, dignity and choice. 

With the help of volunteers, we are not only able to provide a cost-effective service delivery system but improve and expand those services in numerous ways.

As an N – ABLER you will:

  • Increase individual support and awareness for each consumer;
  • Improve daily service options;
  • Expand opportunities for individual consumers; and
  • Create and build public awareness for what we do and who we serve.