What exactly is the Home and Community Based Program?

HCS is a Medicaid Waiver Program approved by the Health Care Financing Administration pursuant to 1915c of the Social Security Act.  It provides services and supports to eligible individuals with mental retardation or related conditions as alternative to placement in a state hospital or nursing home setting.

What is HCS abbreviated for?

The Home and Community Based Program

What is TXHml abbreviated for?

The Texas Home Living Program

Who regulates the HCS program?

Services the Department of Aging and Disability, (DADS) regulates and oversees the HCS program.

How do I enroll in the HCS program?

Contact your local Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority, (MHMRA) to provide you with information regarding the program or regarding your current status on the waiting list.

What do I do if I am already in a HCS program and want to change providers?

HCS principles state that you always have the option to transfer or choose another program provider.  Contact your Case Manager and inform them of your choice.  We will arrange to meet with you to discuss your needs, choices, and services.

Where are your homes located?

Our residential homes are located in the Richmond/Rosenberg area, South West of Houston, Texas and in Brenham, Texas.

What areas does your company serve?

We are available to provide services throughout most of the State of Texas excluding the Texas Panhandle and far West Texas.  We currently provide services in Spring, Rosenberg, Richmond, Missouri City, El Campo, Bay City, Palacios, Wharton, and Brenham.

What activities do you provide in the community for the individuals that you serve?

We involve our individuals in activities such as the Shrine Circus, monthly dances, and trips to see sports events such as The Astros, The Comets, and The Houston Rockets.  We also provide various other activities in the community such as trips to the mall, parades, restaurants, church, and parks.

Are your homes co-ed, male and female?

No.  Our residents live with housemates of the same gender.  Our female residents ONLY have female Residential Support Staff assisting them in their home and with transportation.  Our male residents may have female or male Residential Support Staff assistance.

Does your company serve individuals with extensive medical diagnoses?

Yes.  Our company currently serves individuals with these medical needs and more.  We have a zero rejection policy.

My child/sibling displays aggressive behaviors. Will you serve individuals with problem behaviors?

Yes.  Thomas & Lewin Associates currently serves individuals with different psychiatric diagnosis that often display several behaviors.  We strive to serve each person in our program with behavioral support when needed and with respect.  Our staff are trained in Preventative  Management of Aggressive Behavior (PMAB).